Mums & Bubs Classes – Jamie’s Diamonds

Mums and Bubs Fitness Classes Geelong

There is no denying it, life as a Mum can be tough and finding the time to exercise with a baby can be even tougher. Paradise Gym’s mums and bubs fitness classes in Geelong are here to help, providing mothers with young children a family-friendly space to get fit and feel their best selves. Not only is our Jamie’s Diamonds class supportive, safe and motivating, but it is a great chance for mums to socialise and meet new people – all whilst improving their physical health!

The mums and bubs classes are beneficial for Geelong mothers in the way that they don’t have to find a babysitter in order to work on themselves. They can come to Paradise Gym and reach their fitness goals without having to worry or feel guilty. That’s the dream, right?

This class run by passionate fitness coach Jamie Diamond encourages mums to become the best version of themselves, through developing healthy lifestyle habits and sticking to a realistic exercise regime. Whether you are pregnant or post-natal, exercise is incredibly important. The Jamie’s Diamonds class proves this by offering a wide variety of benefits to mothers and soon-to-be mothers including improved self-esteem, reduced swelling, cramps, and nausea, better functional capacity and endurance, higher energy levels, and much more.

If you are a Mum in Geelong that is looking to achieve their fitness goals in a safe environment where the little ones can tag along, get in touch with Paradise Gym today or check out our timetable to see when classes are on. If you are not yet planning on being a mother and want to work on your health, why not try out our Bells Beach AMRAP training or Florida EMOM classes in Geelong? There is truly something for everyone at Paradise Gym.

Restore your strength and increase your energy levels with trusted post-natal exercise classes. Our safe and welcoming Jamie's Diamonds environment will have you feeling your very best in no time.