Paradise Gym

Family-Friendly Fitness Classes Geelong

Geelong’s leading family-friendly gym, Paradise Gym, provides a fun and safe environment for people to become the best versions of themselves. Not only are our classes inclusive of all – Mums, kids, teens, and fitness-fanatics alike, but they are incredibly motivating and lead to the achievement of fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength and muscle, improve your flexibility and mobility or simply feel a part of a supportive community, Paradise Gym is for you.

Our range of classes in Geelong is broader than any other fitness centre in town and provides something for everyone, regardless of fitness level, experience or body type. We offer everything from HIIT training and circuit bootcamps to Muay Thai, even kids Muay Thai and aerobic step classes. Our highly trained and qualified trainers will assist you in creating a balanced healthy lifestyle that you can sustain for years into the future, one that involves regular exercise.  Forget aesthetic reasons, going to the gym is the way to a happier, longer life. Who doesn’t want that?

At Paradise Gym, we put family first and pride ourselves on our fantastic close-knit community. We understand that it can be different to make time for exercise when you have a family, which is why we want you to bring them along! If you are interested in learning more about our gym and the family fitness classes in Geelong we offer, contact us today on 0412 216 179 and talk to our friendly coaches. Feel free to check out our timetable to see when classes are running, or read more about us and our mission.