AMRAP Training – Bells Beach

AMRAP training Geelong

Are you prepared to bring your A-game? Because Paradise Gym’s AMRAP classes in Geelong won’t accept anything less. Standing for ‘as many repetitions as possible’, AMRAP is a popular style of time-based training that requires you to complete as many rounds or repetitions of a certain exercise as possible during a period of time. It is a highly versatile approach to exercise and can be adapted to suit the fitness level of each individual. Sound intriguing? We think so too.

Due to its high intensity and minimal rest time, AMRAP is completed in a shorter amount of time than most workouts. Your body puts in maximum effort in each repetition period and thus tires quicker. As a result, it is a convenient and realistic workout that many individuals can implement into their lives. Whether you are a busy business owner or a Mum of 3 children, AMRAP training is suitable for all.

Exercises vary within AMRAP training classes, some sessions you may be doing burpees and plyometric lunges, others you may be doing push-ups, jump squats and high knees. All is known is that you will be fully immersed in a high-energy sweat-fest that will leave you with a smile ear to ear.

Contact us directly to discover if AMRAP is for you or check out our timetable here. If you are looking for something different yet similar, we also offer EMOM training and HIIT classes for Geelong clients. Get in touch to learn more on 0412 216 179.

Bells Beach is part of the amazing Great Ocean Road. You will find it in the coastal town of Torquay in Victoria. The beach gains fame with the annual Rip Curl Pro Surfing event.