Strength Training – Venice Beach

Strength Training Geelong

For strength training in Geelong that is safe, welcoming and results-driven, Paradise Gym has got you covered. Our Venice Beach class is focused on building lean muscle, burning fat and testing the limits of your strength endurance, whilst ensuring you feel comfortable to work to your highest ability. If you want to feel strong and confident, this class is for you.

Don’t let the weights scare you. Strength training is essential to achieving fitness goals, whether that is to lose weight, increase energy levels or become stronger as a human being. In this class, our trainers will coach you through various exercises, targeting different muscle zones of the body including arms, quads, calves, shoulders, abs and bum. Using techniques that will challenge your muscles and test your endurance, the Venice beach class will have you feeling the burn, in the best way possible.

The beauty of strength training lies in the afterburn effect, which translates to the process your body enters after a session known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption. This means that you will continue to burn calories and energy long after the physical workout is over, something that rarely happens for simple cardio based workouts.   

You do not have to be a seasoned weight lifter to do this class. Our friendly coaches will help you find a comfortable level for you to push your own boundaries. At Paradise Gym, we are about setting personal achievable goals rather than competing with the person next to you. This is your safe space to become the best version of yourself. We are here to give you the nudge.

To learn more about our trusted and results-based strength training classes in Geelong, suitable for Mums, students, teenagers, and the rest, please contact our trainers on 0412 216 179 and view our timetable to see when classes are on. If you want to focus on your cardiovascular health, take a look at our fabulous Bahamas circuit bootcamp classes in Geelong or Ibiza HIIT classes!