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Kids Muay Thai & Boxing Classes Geelong

Muay Thai/Boxing is a complete workout, working muscles from head to toe! What better way to get the kids out of the house & burning energy?! Paradise runs Kids Muay Thai/Boxing classes in Geelong – a fun and healthy way to keep your kids fit and interested in exercise. Healthy habits start young and boxing is a fun and addictive sport. While many kids’ first experience with structured sport is swimming lessons at primary school, bike safety, football or netball, the secret to forming lifelong healthy habits is helping them find a sport they truly love. As with adults, if you enjoy your chosen form of exercise it’s likely you’ll be motivated to get off the couch and participate – the same goes for kids.

We pride ourselves on being a kid-friendly gym because we want to play a role in encouraging the following generations to be fit and healthy and avoid the obesity epidemic which is rife in this country and across the Western world. If your child doesn’t fit in with or enjoy the common choices for kids’ sport, why not give boxing classes a go? Because we know kids are easily bored, no two classes are ever exactly the same, we constantly change it up to keep your child stimulated!

We will also happily visit your kindergarten or school in Geelong, bringing our kids’ fitness classes to you! We already have a weekly schedule and are happy to run classes where you are. Kinder kids and school-aged kids love the excitement and fun of Muay Thai/Boxing with their peers! Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch their children participate in our fitness classes, we have an area you can sit which is dedicated to viewing.

Kids Muay Thai/Boxing Classes – ages 8+

Kids Muay Thai/Boxing classes at Paradise Gym, Geelong are the perfect way to introduce your child to martial arts! Muay Thai is fast-paced, fun and burns heaps of energy and whilst it’s definitely a contact sport, it’s not about ‘fighting’, it’s more about fitness, focus and fun.

The Program

Our Kids Muay Thai/Boxing classes are run on Monday and Wednesday at 4.15 pm. A term enrolment means students can attend both classes each week (however, this is not a requirement – students are welcome to do what suits their schedule). These classes are suitable for kids aged 8-12.

Term Dates

Term three commences on Monday 12th July 2021.

Term Fees

Kids Muay Thai/Boxing fees are $200 per term. Additional siblings are $120 per student.

*Children aged under 8 and welcome to attend this class on a trial basis to see if it’s the right fit.

Free Trial Class

We offer free trials for students during weeks one and two of the term. Please note, we do not run trials after week two of the term.

If you’re interested in bringing your child along for a trial class, contact us to book.

Bring your children to Paradise and watch as they flourish and become the fittest version of themselves. They may just have the time of their lives!